I. Introduction

This document you currently peruse is the fruit of multiple lifetimes worth of research and dedication. It was long ago, in another world entirely, that I, the sorcerer Griff, first set out to fulfill my ambition to record and detail the name and nature of every Mazoku in existence. While the exact nature of this mission evolved in its pursuit, I was in the end quite satisfied with my achievement. Of course in this time, in this world, that document which I went to great lengths to create no longer exists, and can no longer exist in totality. This project is to recreate the fragmentary shadow of that great work; to reconstruct and put forth at least some of the information contained in it originally.

Just as originally, I have many others assisting me with this work and documentation. First and most obviously my mentor and friend, Xelloss, but Deep Sea Dolphin, and her servants Riksfalto and Hurakr, Dynast Grausherra and his servants Sherra and Norst, and Demon Dragon King Gaav and his Saegram, as well as others have pledged me their assistance and availability for discussion. 

Additionally, I thankfully have the help of other sorcerers, scholars, etc, and will be drawing contributions from Naga the Serpent, Lina Inverse, Zelgadis Greywirs, Amelia of Sairune, and others.

This document will be an evolving archive of our pooled information; articles may be expanded or revised in time. Questions, comments, and other responses will be welcome, assuming they are polite.


Griff the Sorcerer

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